Lineup Announcement! Pressgram creator John Saddington addition and more…

Last week we announced that WordPress founder, Matt Mullenweg, would no longer be able to attend TechFestNW due to unforeseen circumstances involving his busy schedule. Yet another speaker we lined up early on has been forced to cancel his appearance at our event. Palantir Director Michael Lopp has informed us that he too would no longer be available during TechFestNW this September. We’re working to fill these two spaces as soon as possible.

Our first lineup replacement is John Saddington, creator of Pressgram, an iOS application that combines filtered photos and WordPress publishing. The project was launched in March 2013 and fully-funded just one month later. John will be joining us to present a talk on “Finding Opportunity in the Ordinary”. Here’s a short blurb from John himself:

Oftentimes the greatest inventions, innovations, and disruptions in the technology industry find their genesis in personal stories, humble beginnings, and mediocre intentions. These seemingly innocuous (and sometimes random) ideas provide the framework and foundation for opportunity that can only be grasped by simple execution.