Corey Pein

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Corey Pein is a former Willamette Week staff writer who went on to crash and burn in startupland—twice. He is now working on a book about his third attempt to cash in on the tech boom by relocating to the Bay Area and paying exorbitant rents. The book, tentatively titled “How To Make $30 Billion The Silicon Valley Way,” will be published by Metropolitan Books (Holt, New York). Corey has also written for the Santa Fe Reporter, Columbia Journalism Review, The American Prospect, Salon, Slate, CounterPunch, Foreign Policy, The Awl and The Baffler.  Corey has a masters degree in journalism from Columbia University and lives in Brighton, England. His writing and contact information can be found at

Corey is also the founder of seed-stage startup Laborize, which offers Strikes as a Service.

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