Thomas Hayden


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Thomas Hayden, of Portland-based 360 Labs, has been shooting 360º video for over 10 years. In the development of this new medium, he knows the pioneers well, and is counted among them. He drove the camera car for StreetView’s 2007 launch, was among the first Google Trusted Photographers in the US, and was among the first to duct tape GoPro cams together into a 360º array. He has produced 360º projects with National Geographic, Red Bull, U2, NFL, Beck, Google, Lincoln Motor Co, and hundreds of local businesses. Thomas is on the Board of Directors of the International Virtual Reality Photographers Association, and was evangelizing 360º video long before anyone had seen it. Supporting his vision are his wife and daughter, teammates at 360 Labs, and a world-wide network of 360º content producers who began collaborating before the VR boom and who are redefining what we know about video.

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