Dan Gaul

Dan Gaul

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Dan Gaul is the co-founder and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) for Digital Trends, a Portland, Oregon-based publisher of consumer-targeted websites including Digital Trends (www.http://digitaltrends.com) its Spanish-language companion, DT Español (http://es.digitaltrends.com) and The Manual (http://www.themanual.com/).

The youngest of five siblings, Dan’s upbringing in Tacoma, Washington included scant financial resources and a love of gadgetry. In the sixth grade, while other middle-schoolers headed to traditional summer camp, Dan’s duffle was destined for a computer-themed sleep-away camp on Puget Sound. He tackled an assortment of odd jobs to save up for his very first computer, the Commodore 128, a technical marvel he found far superior to the original Commodore Vic 20.

After working his way through the University of Washington by taking jobs in the library and computer lab, Dan left school before completing his degree and remained in Seattle. There, he found a succession of jobs that led him to Microsoft, where he worked throughout the late 1990’s. Later, he served as the lead STE for RealNetworks.

While attending a friends’ wedding in 2001, he met Ian Bell on the buffet line and their conversation about another guest’s cell phone led to both friendship and a vision to combine their love of consumer tech with the opportunities the Internet presented. Digital Trends is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year.