Adam Clayton Powell III – President, Public Diplomacy Council of the United States

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Adam Clayton Powell III is Director of Washington DC Programs for the University of Southern California’s Annenberg Center for Communication Leadership and Policy. He also serves as Project Director for the USC Internet of Things (IoT) cybersecurity initiative which works to strengthen and secure elections and voting systems, health systems and hospital networks, and first responder networks – police, fire and emergency medical response – at the state and local level across the U.S. Before his move to Washington in 2010, he served as USC’s Vice Provost for Globalization. Powell has worked extensively in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the U.S. on training programs in digital media for journalists, educators and policymakers for the Freedom Forum. He has also been executive producer at Quincy Jones Entertainment; vice president for news and information programming at National Public Radio; news manager and director of political coverage for CBS News, and General Manager of WHUT-TV in Washington and KMPT-TV San Francisco, the first and second African-American-owned public television stations in the U.S., respectively.

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