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Tech’s big-picture view from TechFestNW

Technology Association of Oregon President Skip Newberry offers his take on how this year’s event melded older companies with new ideas… While the conference focused on cutting-edge technologies and startup companies, it would be a mistake to view the conference as an ex- ample of new technology displacing old technology — in fact, a number of TechFestNW’s most fascinating presentations revealed how some of Portland’s long-established companies are reinventing themselves and pivoting to pursue new markets and new technologies.

Chipmaker Intel showcased its work in virtual reality and the Internet of Things while automaker Daimler previewed its technology in self-driving long-haul trucks.

Portland Business Journal TechFlash

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“As TechfestNW (TFNW), a Pacific Northwest regional tech conference, enters its fourth year, they’ve announced an expanded program and a new venue for TFNW 2015. This year’s Techfest will take place on August 20 and 21, 2015 at Revolution Hall (1300 SE Stark St.) in Portland, Oregon.”

Examiner.com, 8/12/15

“Willamette Week’s annual technology conference returns to Portland next week, bringing national tech superstars – and some of Oregon’s best-known technologists – together for two days of talks.”

Oregonlive, 8/14/15

“Should everyday consumers be worried about how robots may one day turn against us in our own homes, cars, and neighborhoods? New York Times reporter and science author John Markoff eased those concerns while speaking in Portland at TechfestNW, saying that humans have the power to dictate how robots act.”

Geekwire, 8/21/2015

“Organized by Willamette Week, the convention is a mini TED, a mixture of 15 minute talks by inspiring tech people, networking and a job fair.”

Portland Tribune, 8/20/15

“I came most interested in augmented reality, but I left impressed by the presenters on the future with drones and robots.”

Dracotorre.com, 8/23/15

“TechFestNW provides a fascinating forum for our communities to come together and share some of the groundbreaking advances happening here in our own backyard.”

Portland Business Journal, 8/24/15

“But, before everything got off the ground, more than 1,000 of the region’s tech workers, entrepreneurs, would-be tech workers and others crawled through downtown for the fourth annual PDX Tech Crawl.”

Portland Business Journal, 8/21/15

“Diversity within the tech industry is a clear overarching theme at this year’s TechFestNW.”

Portland Business Journal, 8/20/15

“To be successful in the tech industry it takes a good idea, hard work, money and luck.”

Portland Business Journal, 8/24/15

“A technology conference might not be the place you would expect a health care provider and insurance executive to speak, but Dave Sanders of Zoom+ fit right in.”

Portland Business Journal, 8/21/15


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