Anarghya Vardhana

Anarghya Vardhana

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Anarghya is an investor at Maveron. Early in her career, Anarghya worked for several startups in the product manager and head of product capacity. She also expanded her product experience to the non-profit and developing world through her work for Ushahidi. Before entering the startup world, Anarghya held various roles at Google, leading operational teams and focusing on international expansion.

Anarghya began her investing career at Rothenberg Ventures where she focused on consumer and media investments while also spending significant time focusing on frontier technology.

At Maveron, she brings her passion for the intersection of cutting edge technologies like artificial intelligence to existing mass consumer experiences, identifying these opportunities in the Bay Area and beyond.

Anarghya is a proud Oregonian, and attended Stanford university where she studied Science, Technology, and Society, focusing on math and computer science.