Kara Swisher – TFNW Speaker & “Silicon Valley’s Most Feared & Well Liked Reporter”

TFNW 2014 was lucky enough to snag the one and only, and maybe the world’s leading tech reporter, Kara Swisher as a speaker this year. Her topic at TechFestNW?


From Wall Street Journal “BoomTown” tech columnist, to her own entrepreneurial journalism efforts at Re/Code, Swisher is a powerhouse, leading New York Magazine to recently call her, “Silicon Valley’s most feared and well liked reporter”.

Come experience Kara Swisher and the rest of TechfestNW’s amazing lineup of speakers, parties, networking events and more. August 15-16, at OMSI. Tickets on sale now.


Dave Allen – Beauty, Chaos & Connection: Pop Culture, Love & Sex In The Post-Digital Age

Dave Allen, Portland’s own world-known iconic influencer in everything from music to culture, tech, and business has been added as a speaker to the TechfestNW 2014 lineup.

TFNW TOPIC – Beauty, Chaos & Connection: Pop Culture, Love & Sex In The Post-Digital Age

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Director, Artist & Music Industry Advocacy, Beats Music.

Founding member of the post-punk band Gang of Four.

Former Interactive Creative Director at North, Inc. Adjunct Lecturer, Digital Strategy at University of Oregon. Op-ed contributor to The Guardian Comment is Free. LinkedIn Influencer.


Andrew DeVigal – University of Oregon, Center for Journalism Innovation

Congratulations to TechfestNW 2014 speaker Andrew DeVigal, on his new job as the Inaugural Chair of Journalism Innovation and Civic Engagement

DeVigal is an Emmy-award winning innovative strategist who builds bridges by connecting ideas and people together to produce meaningful and interactive stories. As multimedia editor of The New York Times, he helped transform and evolve the print newsroom into the digital and interactive era. At The Times, he conceived and directed ground-breaking story forms and processes that help shape the industry today. DeVigal cultivated and elevated emerging story forms by creating and producing Interactive Narratives, a curation site celebrating the best of multimedia storytelling. And he uses his extensive reach into various disciplines to connect the right people to collaborate and produce extraordinary work. With his exceptional knowledge of the possibilities and deeply innovative forward-thinking, DeVigal has consistently demonstrated his ability to lead teams, engage audiences through purposeful user experiences, and invent creative new approaches to interactive storytelling.

Based at the George S. Turnbull Portland Center, the Center for Journalism Innovation and Civic Engagement will bridge SOJC’s programs in both Portland and Eugene. As the Chair of Journalism Innovation And Civic Engagement, DeVigal and SOJC faculty will foster new programs and projects that advance public interest journalism, communication and the student experience. The Innovation Center will develop new models of journalism that engage citizens and build stronger and more effective communities.

Experience Andrew DeVigal and the rest of Techfest NW’s talented, renowned speakers August 15-16, at OMSI. Tickets on sale now. 



Genevieve Bell – Intel’s Innovative Anthropologist

She’s a Stanford trained PhD in Anthropology who grew up in Australia on Aboriginal settlements – curiosity of how the world works is in Dr. Bell’s blood.  As reported in Willamette Week:

“If Intel, the $53 billion maker of chips that employs more Oregonians than any other company, has a rock star, it is likely Genevieve Bell, the Australian social scientist who runs a skunkworks research team of 100. Her job? To watch people.”

Yes, Dr. Bell travels around the world and “takes pictures of people in their cars” to help Intel add the technology needed to make better cars, but she does so much more. Dr. Bell brings a humanist approach to technology, and a history of how we got where we are and where we are heading with technology as a species.

Dr. Genevieve Bell will be speaking at TechfestNW 2014. Her topic? The Pre-History of Robots, and Why It Still Matters. 

Come see Dr. Bell at TechfestNW, August 15-16. Tickets on sale now.